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Would you like me to walk you through creating your ideal goal plan and equip you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve all of your goals on that plan?
Then I think you'll love my new course . . .

To celebrate the launch of the course you can join now for just $49! (Regular Price = $347)

Here's a quick breakdown of what you'll learn in the course . . .

Module #1 (Value $49)


Module 1 lays the groundwork for creating your powerful, personalized goal plan by helping you get insight into what works, clarity and what doesn't, and inspired about your future . . .

Learn how to become a savvy goal Wizard who swiftly masters the secrets to crafting a powerful, flexible, personalized goal plan, without the need or burden of deadlines!

Learn how to identify, target, and eliminate the blocks that have kept you stuck in the starting gate so you can finally get serious traction on your important goals and begin creating a life of fantastic success!

Create an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, motivation-fueling vision of your ideal future that will help propel you to Victory, even if you've been knocked down by Life so many times you wondered if you could get back up!

Module #2 (Value $199)


Here we get down to the nitty-gritty and create your focused but flexible, powerful and personalized goal plan . . .

Craft an exciting and flexible goal plan for the current year (whatever the starting month), without the pressure of deadlines (Here's a secret: They don't work!), or feeling overwhelmed with what goals to focus on.

Learn how to create an inspiring goal plan each month, that doesn't require planning out each week in advance (a waste of time, and that leads you plenty of wiggle-room for when life refuses to go "according to plan."

Learn how to plan each week and day in a way that strikes the perfect balance between focus and freedom so that you're always making huge progress on goals, while never having to worry about burnout.

Module #3 (Value $99)


Even the best plan is just a plan, until you work it. This module shows you how to do just that and actually achieve your goals, while enjoying every step of your journey (this is SO important!) . . .

Learn how to become a dauntless, resilient, unstoppable goal achiever while improving your mental resilience and self-mastery so you never again surrender to setbacks, procrastination, or fear of failure (or success!).

Skyrocket productivity and massively accelerate success in every area of life without getting distracted "Bright Shiny Object Syndrome," bogged down by over-commitment, or derailed by procrastination.

Discover the secrets to maintaining enthusiastic momentum on your goals, while never forgetting to truly enjoy every step of your success journey . . . Because happiness doesn't have to wait until you've "arrived"!

Total Value: $347 
Your Price: $49

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Building this course was an important goal of mine, and to celebrate I've decided to offer it at this huge discount.
Here's the deal, though . . . Because I'll be providing individual feedback in the course forum, I'm limiting this offer to the first 50ish students who sign up. So unlike my other offerings, there are no refunds on this course. I put a lot of heart and work into it and am confident you'll love it, but I want to make that only those who are serious about creating an amazing plan and achieving their goals sign up. If that's you and you're ready to start living your breakthrough life, then go ahead and . . .

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