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Now that you have a great planner, would you also like a step-by-step guide for masterfully using that plan to achieve your goals twice as fast (without burn-out) so you can leap out of bed every morning excited about your day, and 100% confident in your future?

If so, you’ll want to grab a digital copy of my new book . . .

Breakthrough Goals!

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

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Get instant access to 10 informative and inspiring Goals! Video Tutorials.

A great compliment to Breakthrough Goals! I can't take credit for creating these, but when I discovered them I liked them so much that I bought the redistribution rights to them just so I could give them to you as free bonus.

(I love the narrator's accent too. Australian I think?)

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The Power Of Personal Freedom Audiobook
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Created by one of my amazing partners, this 25 30-minute audiobook is like a crash course in rapidly changing your outlook and transforming your life.

I really liked it myself, and thought it would be the perfect compliment to Breakthrough Goals! so I just had to include it as a free bonus for you.

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Boost! Becoming More Creative audiobook
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Are you an artist, writer or other creative type who sometimes experiences creative block?

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The Life Breakthrough Bundle
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This bundle of 6 mini-eBooks has a wealth of information, strategies, and tips that perfectly compliment what you'll learn in Breakthrough Goals!

Abundant Mind - Will help you shift from scarcity to prosperity in thought and life.

Control * Alt * Delete - Will help with starting over and fresh starts.

Unlimited - Will help you break through limiting beliefs.

Power Vision - Will help you create powerful success visualizations.

Always Motivated - Because we all sometimes need a motivation boost!

Breakthrough Affirmations! - With my unique approach to using affirmations and 130 affirmations you can use.

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Here's what people are saying about Breakthrough Goals . . .

Just imagine what you could accomplish in the coming months if you knew NOTHING could stop you . . .

Would you'd finally quit your crappy job, and launch your own home business, so you never have to worry about money (or answer to a boss) again?

Would you drop those stubborn extra pounds and get so fit that heads turn and jaws drop when you pass by?

Would you write the great American novel that you know is in you, but that you’ve just been too distracted (or intimidated) to write?

Instead of waiting for love to fall from the sky, would you boldly head out and find the guy or gal of your dreams—The one who's been waiting all this time for YOU to fall from their sky?

Would you develop a deeper spirituality or greater mindfulness, like you’ve been meaning to?

Would you finally break that bad habit you’ve been struggling with forever, or become more self-disciplined like you’ve promised yourself time and again you would?

In short . . .

Would you create the life WORTHY of your fantastic potential—A Life where you're no longer merely surviving, but instead achieving your goals and THRIVING?

Well . . . YOU CAN.

Hell, you made it through the last couple crazy years without dying or going full on insane, so you DEFINITELY HAVE FIGHT IN YOU, even if you may feel a bit (or a lot) beat down lately. You wouldn't be reading this and looking for a way to break through to greater happiness and success if that weren't true. Yes, you are indeed a fighter.

Now you just need to direct that energy and focus on doing MORE than just surviving.

. . . You need to get clear on your goals and what's truly important to you.

. . . You need to create a clear, actionable plan for achieving those goals.

. . . You need to develop laser focus so you can stick with that plan and not be distracted from your mission.

. . . And finally, you need to WORK the plan, past all obstacles, until you succeed (While not forgetting to enjoy the journey, too!)

Breakthrough Goals! will show you how to do all of this, step by step.

So are you ready to start living your breakthrough life?

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About The Author

I’m A.K. Spencer, a writer, artist, entrepreneur, and goal achievement fanatic from the Pacific Northwest. 

I like to joke that I’m imminently qualified to write this book not because I’m some billionaire or pretend to be the next Tony Robbins (bless him!) but precisely because I was—for a long, long time—a complete screwup.

Among other stupidities I spent a couple decades being a feckless, perpetually broke, armchair communist and chain-smoking drunk who blamed everything and everyone but myself for the sorry state of my life. It wasn’t until into my forties that I finally started to get my sh*t together and take full responsibility for my life and my outcomes.

But weirdly (or providentially?), even throughout those wayward years I was obsessed with goal setting programs, and I read countless books on the subject of success and achievement. 

The operative word there is “read” because that’s mostly all it amounted to. Sitting on my ever-expanding butt reading about achievement and success while doing precious little to actually achieve or succeed at anything. (Other than somehow always scrounging up enough money to go out drinking, despite not having enough to pay my bills. I was wizard at that!)

Everything changed when I finally got sick and tired of the dead-end life I was living. I hit a kind of existential rock bottom, decided enough was enough, and committed a radical self and life reinvention.

It was then that I finally began to seriously test and apply the many personal development and goal achieving theories and methods I’d studied. There was a lot of trial and error involved, but I made some dramatic changes: I quit smoking, got control of my drinking, dropped a bunch of weight, and started my own business.

As I evolved and refined my own methodology of change I committed to becoming successful in health, wealth and my other life domains. But also—and more importantly—to know and live in joy (No small task, let me tell you. I was the king of bitter and bitchy cynics).

While, like anyone else, I have my bad days, I’m now basically one of those happy optimists that the old me would have ruthlessly mocked. I wake in the morning excited to achieve my goals and better myself. It seems like every day brings a new victory and cause for gratitude. It still blows me away.

Breakthrough Goals! is the culmination of everything I learned about goal achievement, with the best elements of the best goal planning methods distilled into an entirely new, simple and I think powerful, success system. I hope and believe it can positively transform your life even as it has transformed mine.

As for my life today . . .

My vocation now is an exciting mix of writing, making art, entrepreneurship, searching for God (how’s that for a goal!), and helping people like you to live breakthrough lives.

Because I sincerely and deeply believe you can.

You’ve got to do the work, but it is within you to achieve amazing things.

What’s more, living a life of abundance, success and joy isn’t just attainable—it is your birthright.

Will you claim it?

Breakthrough Goals!TM
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