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Breakthrough Goals!

Cue tropey but true backstory, lifted straight out of the Introduction of Breakthrough Goals!

(Maybe you’ll identify with parts of it?) . . .

Not so long ago I was a broke, unemployed, directionless chainsmoking drunk. I was almost sixty pounds overweight. I was miserable, cynical, and depressed. I had very little faith in myself, and even less in the future. My worldview was dismal. My attitude, abysmal. My Spirit all but broken on the rack of anger, sorrow, fear, addiction, and too many regrets to count.

But not anymore. 

Now I wake up most mornings genuinely excited about what the day may bring and all that I get to accomplish. I quit smoking (for good) and quit drinking (probably for good).

I’m halfway to my ideal weight goal (glass half full).

I’m my own boss with my own business (two of them, actually).

I’ve never been in a better place financially (financial freedom here I come!).

My daily routine includes exercise, mediation, prayer, writing and making art (among other disciplines).

And by the time you read this I will have published my first book (let’s assume it’s a best-seller, shall we?).

I love the hell out of life. I’m grateful every day. I’m excited about the


I know all that may sound cheesy. In personal development books it’s almost a trope to have an introduction where the author says, “Look how my life sucked and how awesome it is now! And you too can go from sucky to awesome by following my simple formula!”

Well, what can I say?

It’s simply true.

My life sucked.

Now it’s pretty fantastic.

Key to that transformation was the system and tools I describe in this book. Them’s the facts.

What’s more, I also know that you can have the same thing.

Whatever your goals, you can achieve them.

Whatever life and lifestyle you aspire towards, you can have it.

Whatever evolution of mind, body, heart, or soul you pray for, you can experience it.

And—my fear of using a tired trope be damned—this book will show you how.

Available on Amazon now.

About A.K. Spencer

A.K. Spencer is a writer, artist, and entrepreneur with a zeal for helping others achieve their goals.

His writing on goal achievement and personal development is noted for its nonconformist GenX sensibilities and for encouraging a playful balance between no-excuses self-reliance and open-hearted creativity.

His art defies easy categorization, and runs the gamut from mischievous, to spiritual, to dark and provocative.

He has a B.A. in Social Sciences and an M.A. in Literature and Writing.

Rumor has it that he is planning a daring escape from Portland, Oregon.

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